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About me

My name is Antoni Popis and I am a psychologist and cetified cognitive-behavioral therapist (no. of my cetificate 1635). I also apply schema therapy (ST) in my work. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is based on the idea that how we think, how we feel and what we do all interact together.  Especially, our thoughts and beliefs determine our feelings, physiology and our behavior. CBT aims to help patients become aware of when they make negative interpretations and of behavioral patterns which reinforce the cognitive biases.  CBT helps people to find alternative ways of thinking and behaving which aims to reduce their symptoms. While the theory underlying schema-focused therapy presumes that when our basic childhood needs such as needs for freedom of expression, autonomy or safety are not met, we can develop unhelpful patterns of interpreting and interacting with the world, which is called maladaptive early schemas. Schema therapy is particularly well suited to patients with longstanding problems regulating their emotions, and behaviour, or those with problems with relationships.

I help adults with depression, anxiety disorders and emotional crises. You can make an appointment for a consultation online or at my office in the Bemowo district of Warsaw. Consultations in English are possible. I regularly supervise my work.

I graduated from Psychology at the SWPS University in Wrocław and 4-year postgraduate course in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy. I completed an internship at the Psychiatric Department of Bielański Hospital in Warsaw, at Biomed in Wrocław and at the Psychological and Pedagogical Clinic in Świdnica.

My work values are honesty, respect and individual approach to the patient. My office is a friendly place for everyone.

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Psychotherapy in English (in my office) - 350 PLN

Psychotherapy in English (online) - 350 PLN

Psychotherapy in Polish (online or in my office) - 250 PLN

Session runs for 50 minutes.

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Pracownia Psychoterapeutyczna Limbicus

ul. Wacława Borowego 15 

01-622 Warszawa

p: +48 796 364 300


subway: Bemowo station

tram: 10, 11, 26

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